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Adrienne is a gifted leader. She has the ability to both think broadly and see fine details. This is evident in her strategic planning (envisioning opportunities and implications in the immediate and long-term), as well as her skill in developing high-performing teams. While Adrienne has evidence of staying with projects over time, she is a continual learner and, thus, adds freshness to initiatives in an on-going basis. Adrienne has worked with notable leaders (such as the Lieutenant Governor of Georgia and senior staff at the Centers for Disease Control). She is equally skilled at working closely with school and community-based professionals at the local level.
— Kate Link Business and Leadership Coaching

Healthy Schools Program Director at Alliance for a Healthier Generation
I had the pleasure of working with Adrienne for 6 years at the Alliance for a Healthier Generation as both a colleague and a direct supervisor. Adrienne is energetic, passionate, and committed. She embraces challenge and is committed to finding long term strategic and systemic solutions that are innovative while addressing issues at their root cause. Adrienne has a unique ability to think big and bold yet also execute on the details. She is a dedicated professional who goes the extra mile in all she does.
— Sarah Titzer, Director Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Adrienne is a positive, energetic and dedicated person. Her approachable and inclusive nature make her a joy to work with. Adrienne is able see the big picture, develop processes and identify tactics in order to implement successful solutions. She is also flexible; embracing new challenges in order to support the cause.

— arah Hustoles Vice President of Technology at Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Adrienne is a proactive and innovative leader who also takes the time to establish strong relationships with colleagues and staff. During my time working with Adrienne at the Alliance, she demonstrated a great ability to lead and support the design and implementation of new projects - from ramping up our network, virtual support, and intermediary strategies - to helping create systems to better support the operation of the organization - Adrienne identified and implemented creative solutions while cultivating strong and well-supported teams. I would love the opportunity to work with Adrienne again.

— Nell Tessman Corporate and Foundation Grants Manager at Alliance for a Healthier Generation

I had the opportunity to work with Adrienne from both a school system administrative perspective and from a state level administrative position. In both capacities I found her to be knowledgeable, competent, and always willing to go the extra mile to provide support. Her professional strong points are in the area of physical education, health education, and school wellness. She is an outstanding change agent with school and school systems when it come to policy and wellness practices.
— Therese McGuire Health and Physical Education Program Specialist at Georgia Department of Education